This jail will probably be different in purpose from Blackgate Prison where convicted felons are incarcerated for years. Jail is run by the city/county sheriff and is usually where you keep people for shorter sentences (e.g. less than a year) or while awaiting trial. » 8/27/14 6:17am Wednesday 6:17am

Acer C720 owner here. I have been very happy with my Chromebook experience. In fact, it's my go-to laptop for most of my PC usage. I've never had a computer as responsive as my Chromebook. The only device I've ever owned that matches its responsiveness is my Nexus 5. It's amazing to think a $200 laptop is… » 8/22/14 12:55am 8/22/14 12:55am

I went to Best Buy first thing the day they released the SE DVDs collector's tin case w/ the 4:3 letterboxed theatrical cuts included as bonus discs. Although now that I have Amazon Prime, it's wayyyy easier to get my instant gratification fix... » 8/16/14 6:41pm 8/16/14 6:41pm

As an old-school ThinkPad fan (X40, T60), I'd give my vote to anything else here EXCEPT the X1 Carbon. The new X1 redesign came with a massively revamped keyboard layout that makes no sense for hardcore productivity. The ENTIRE F1-12 key row has been replaced with a TOUCH-SENSITIVE STRIP. And the Caps Lock is now a… » 8/03/14 10:27am 8/03/14 10:27am